With your Diool Member account, you do not have the possibility to send funds directly to your bank account.
Reminder; your Diool Member Account is linked to your Primary Owner account. Therefore, all funds received in the Member account goes to the Revenue part of both accounts( Primary Owner and Member).
To send the funds to your bank, Go to your Diool dashboard ( Primary Owner account), Set your default payment method (bank) through Settings.
Later on, click on Account tab and then click on Revenue(blue button) and validate on Redeem in order to send the funds to your balance.
Insert the amount you wish to transfer from your balance and your transaction is done with less stress (click on Next after inserting the amount then click on Confirm to validate the transaction). In no time your funds are transferred with security to your bank account.

Bank transactions usually take a maximum of 48h to be treated in order for the funds to be available in your bank account.
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