Diool's RESTful API gives you simple and easy access to multiple service providers, directly from your own app (web, mobile or server) using a single account and for the moment we work with Mobile money operators ( MTN/ORANGE) only. Nevertheless, we intend adding card payments and others as time goes on.

To integrate our API into your payment platform, you first of all have to create a Diool account. Go through this link in order to know how to create a Diool account; https://help.diool.com/en/article/how-to-open-a-diool-account-uz48ac/

Once your Diool account is created, go to our API link; https://api.diool.com/
If you already have a Diool account, go directly to our API link; https://api.diool.com/

The Diool API features two environments to allow developers to test and deploy their applications :
SANDBOX : http://sandboxcore.diool.com/dioolapi/v3/
PROD :https://core.diool.com/dioolapi/v3/
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