To add a contact in your address book, you must be a primary owner of the account.
Log into your account using your email and password.
Click on the Contacts tab located on the left hand of your screen and next on ADD CONTACT located on the right hand side of your screen.

A new box will pop up. First fill in the personal information of your contact. You must fill a First name and a Last name. Later specify the type of contact either by selecting Personal or Business.

For personal contacts you must specify a relationship by either selecting Employee, Client or Other.

For business contacts, you will be asked to provide as mandatory field, the Business Name as well as other non mandatory fields. You must also select a relationship either Client, Supplier or Other

At this point you can either save your contact to come back later, or proceed to adding the payment information by clicking on Payment Methods. This will take you to the next page of the dialog.

You can either set 2 payment methods or set 1 of 2 payment options, payment by diool or by bank account.

In case your contact is a diool user, you can add diool as a payment method for your contact by simply adding his diool log in email address. In case this is your preferred method, you can set this as your default payment method by setting to the right, the button Set as default and finally clicking on Add Payment Method.

You can also include bank payment by inputting the account number of your contact and later clicking on Add Payment Method. If this will be your default payment method, set it as default by shifting the Set as default button to the right. (NB you can only have 1 default payment method)

Always remember to save by clicking on the Save button once you are done.

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