Just like you have physical shops within your business, it is important to set up these shops in your diool account because important functionalities within diool like using the payment terminal and performing cashpoint operations can only be done at shop level. All cashiers and agents within your network must be assigned to a shop.

To create or add a Diool shop, you first have to be the primary owner of the account.

Then, you need to sign into your diool account (email and password).

Once signed in , you should:

Click on the Settings tab and later click on Shops

Click on Add New Shop

Specify the Shop Type, Shop Name and the City where the shop is located.

Scroll Down and type in the Street Name

Click on PIN POINT to pin your shop on the map. Once you do this, a Google map will pop up.

Navigate the map to the point where your shop is located and right click to pin your shop on the map.

Click on Save to ensure that your shop information has been saved.

Once you save, your shop will appear in the shops view.

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