Top Up means adding funds into your diool account.

Diool Primary Owner, Owner and Agent profiles can top up their diool accounts using any of the payment methods (Bank or Mobile Money) saved to their accounts.
This operation typically takes 1 to 2 days for top ups by the bank or instantly for mobile money top us.

During account top up, the payment method set as default in your settings, is always used to complete the top up.

You may want to check your payment methods to confirm if you indeed want to use your default payment method to top up your account or set a new default payment method by clicking on the star (☆) symbol next to the payment method.

For all account top ups by mobile money, ensure to have your phone with you as you will have to confirm the request on the mobile phone.

Once the necessary checks are completed, follow the steps in the image below to top up your account.

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