In order for you to correctly verify your identity, you have to make sure that the document used respects the following conditions;
Your ID verification might be rejected for several reasons, be it because the picture taken of your ID card is of poor quality or not well centered and focused or the ID is expired or there is a like phone number attached on the ID for some cases.

To be noted: only a valid National Identity Card ( NIC) or a passport is accepted.
If you are using a passport; you should take a clear centralized picture of your passport ( face photo page only) without flash.
And if you are using your NIC, you should take a clear photo of the ID card ( front and back). without flash as well.
You should make sure your NIC is clean, clear, has no scratch or not touched, or has no blurs.
You should make sure to focus your phone's camera and take a good, centralized picture of your NIC.

Take a selfie to complete the verification. Make sure to use a white background in order to take your selfie. ( we’ll compare it with your document, face forward and make sure your eyes are clearly visible, remove your glasses if necessary). click on confirm after taking your selfie.
Now, if your ID card is blurry, scratched or not clear, your identity verification process will be rejected after the verifications of your informations are done.
Make sure to take a picture of your ID card and not a scanned copy.**

or some details on the id card like the date of birth some cases might be name( no surname or just year and no date and month)
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