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Diool 4.3 coming soon

Diool 4.3 - New features to better serve you

Because we believe that a good financial management solution should be able to provide you with a wide range of functionality to support all business-related tasks so that you can safely and efficiently manage transactions.
You can run your business more efficiently, grow faster and exceed the expectations of your customers and suppliers. We want to make sure that Diool is always as useful and efficient for our customers. That's why Diool 4.3 will introduce 6 new features:

1- Merge financial accounts: All flows are centralised into one main account and the revenue account is deleted.
This means that users will only have to manage the balance of one account. We have also included tables that will show users how much they have received in payments, how much they have sent and the commissions earned (for agents). Users will therefore be able to view their account activity over different time periods using the filter provided and agents will be able to withdraw the commissions earned

2- Quick registration on version 2: Possibility to improve the quick registration process on the application.
The quick registration will allow users to register with minimal KYC requirements and start using the application in its basic offering, the Starter plan.

3- Extended API token validity: We have extended the validity of an API token.
The API token will now be valid for up to 12 months, instead of 03 months in the past. API token management is self-service for faster and easier integration with your own web or mobile applications. As the primary owner, you can generate the API token and share it with your team of developers.

4- Diool top-up with an agent (Add CASH funds) : possibility for Diool users to top-up their account with a Diool agent.
The user will be able to generate a top-up by requesting money on their account page. The user will then be able to make the payment at the nearest agent.

5- Online Payment Link: Ability for users to share the DDP payment link with their customers through other means.
Users will be able to copy the link and share it via SMS, WhatsApp, etc.
Diool users are given the option to pay for the DDPs received through online payment.

6- Fee calculation and reverse calculation: We have implemented an improved and transparent method for users to see the fees applied to transactions they wish to initiate. Users will be able to see the amount they wish to request and how the fee will be applied.

At Diool, we are constantly looking for small innovations that will improve your payment experience and support you in the daily running of your business.

.Our latest product updatet downloadable, dubbed 4.3, is a further step in this direction. This update has something for every profile.

Still no customers? What to do?

1) Create a free account here
2) Assemble and scan the legal documents of your company
3) Download the new version of the application

Are you a customer? Your next steps

A) Download the new version of the application to take advantage of all these new features
B) Partagez vos commentaires et suggestions avec notre support client
C) Informez les autres membres de votre équipe des améliorations

Find below the capture of the interface of what awaits you in the new version

Diool 4.3 Dashboard

Updated on: 16/05/2023

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