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What is Diool and How Does it Work?

Diool is synonymous with commercial exchange and takes its name from the Dioula language, spoken in several Central and West African countries, when it comes to buying or selling.

We've been around since 2015, and the platform as it stands today is the result of technological and regulatory innovations over the past several years. Our goal is to develop a safe and effective product to serve businesses’ financial needs.

Why Choose Diool?

Our solution is based on innovation, guaranteeing each user a safe way to manage payments and transactions.

Our platform ensures that all operations are executed in a reliable and secure manner. Diool's unique digital platform allows retail businesses to conduct their merchant transactions through a single interface, saving time and operational costs.

What Services does Diool Offer?

Via a single platform, Diool offers the following financial services to businesses:

payments via mobile money or credit cards
customer payments via an e-commerce site, a dedicated link or a Diool point
money transfers to banks or mobile money services
management of a network of points of sale
purchase of phone credit

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Updated on: 19/09/2022

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