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How to generate Diool API tokens?

Diool's RESTful API gives you the possibility to integrate your website or application with the Diool API and begin collecting payments. This feature allows you to seamlessly integrate with Diool and reap the benefits of our application by allowing a simpler checkout process for your website.

If you need to generate new API tokens, you can do so from your Dashboard with a few clicks. This will be particularly useful if your secret key has been lost or compromised in any way.

To generate the M2M tokens:

1- In your Dashboard, go to Settings in the left navigation menu and then click on Developer Options in the dropdown menu.
2- Click on Generate API Token at the top right hand corner of the page.
3- Click on either Live or Sandbox to select the API token type and then click on Generate
Sandbox Token: Allows you to test the configuration of your integration in a testing environment
Live Token: Enables you to receive real money from your customers. Only available to users on the "Pro" pricing plan
4- Copy and save the token in a Notepad. Once you’re done click on "I’ve copied and saved the token". Your previous token(s) will be deactivated and the new one will be available immediately.
NOTE: Please copy and save the API Token as it’s only visible once.

How to Revoke API Tokens
If you realise your API Token has been accidentally shared or compromised in any other way, you can revoke the token in the API Tokens generated list. Click on Revoke in the far right column and confirm. This will immediately deactivate the token.

Who can generate API Tokens?
Only the Primary Owner of the business entity can generate and revoke API tokens. All generated API tokens will be recorded on your audit log page under Developer Options

Updated on: 22/08/2023

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