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Release 3.8: Mobile access now available to any user profile

Smoother, exportable transaction history, improved transfers and self-service management of your API tokens

At Diool, we are constantly looking for small innovations that will improve your payment experience and support you in the daily running of your business.


Because we believe that with the right financial management solutions, you can run your business more efficiently, grow faster and exceed the expectations of your customers and suppliers. Our new product update download, nicknamed 3.8, is a further step in this direction. This update has something for every profile.

Here are the highlights of the 3.8 release:

Principal Administrator: Access to the mobile application is open to all types of users so key account owners can now have visibility of all their POS and checkout transactions while on mobile!
Accounting and finance: A redesigned transaction history to make reconciliation easier. Now more intuitive, filterable and downloadable in the format of your choice (CSV or PDF), you can produce your reports more quickly.
Purchasing and supply: Mobile money transfers are now available in your Diool address book so you can now pay your partners and suppliers either by bank, Diool, or mobile money (Orange Money, MTN Momo, etc).
Cash registers and shop management: the addition of a description or explanatory comment for each type of outgoing transaction (merchant payment, internal and external transfers) is possible. These transaction descriptions will also be included in the transaction history for easier recognition of all transactions.
Développeurs: API token management is self-service for faster and easier integration of our API into your own web or mobile applications. As the primary owner, you can generate the API token and share it with your team of developers. If you have specific API needs, contact us in real time by clicking on the message bubble at the bottom right.

Still no customers? What to do?

1) Create a free account here
2) Assemble and scan the legal documents of your company
3) Create your company profile
4) Downloadla nouvelle version de l’application

Are you a customer? Your next steps

A) Download the new version of the application to take advantage of all these new features
B) Share your comments and suggestions with our customer support
C) Inform other members of your team about the improvements

Need a taste of the improvements to motivate you?

Here are some captures of what you can expect in the platform!

Exports - PDF

API token generation

Transaction description

Updated on: 10/02/2023

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