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Some tips and suggestions to avoid mistakes on mobile money deposits

While vigilance is recommended for all mobile money transactions, deposits require particular caution because of the risk of losing funds.

Our priority is to provide you with continuous information and to ensure that nothing untoward happens to you during these operations. Here are some useful tips and suggestions to ensure that every cash deposit goes smoothly:

1️⃣. It is always better to have a written record ✍🏾. For all deposits, request that the client write the beneficiary's number and, where possible, name, in a notebook recording the day's transactions. Do not hesitate to request clarification if the entry is unclear.

2️⃣. If a deposit is successful but the beneficiary claims not to have received it ✔️ please ask them to check their transaction history :

👉🏾 For Orange Money: dial #150*63# or connect to the Orange Money mobile application

👉🏾 For MTN Mobile Money: dial *126# and choose option 7 or connect to the MTN MoMo mobile application

If you have a problem Contact Us immediately.

3️⃣ Your concentration must be optimal during the execution of the operations 👨🏾‍💻 5.000 FCFA can very easily become 50.000 FCFA !!!

After entering the details of the transaction, another screen will display a summary of the transaction. Read this page carefully before confirming, especially the number and amount.

4️⃣. If you regularly handle large cash deposits, we strongly recommend that you purchase a counterfeit detector 💷 to avoid being duped.

5️⃣. Do not share your Diool account, PIN or password 🤳🏾 with anyone else as this information is personal and confidential. If you have done so, please Change password immediately.

Always bear in mind that if you deposit to the wrong number, it will not be possible to return the funds if that number has an active mobile money account.

In this case, the beneficiary's account will be frozen for 72 hours to allow you to reach an amicable agreement.

Updated on: 10/02/2023

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