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FAQ: Diool - New price plans

FAQ: Diool - New price plans

This FAQ explains the changes to the Diool tariff structure that will take place from 16 March 2023. The following information is intended for all users who have registered before this date.

If you have any questions, we invite you to consult the article below to find out more. In case you do not find the answer to your question there contact us we will be happy to assist you.

Why we make changes to our solution?
Since our inception, we have regularly introduced new features to meet our customers' needs in three main areas of use: payment collection, collaborative working, and business management.
All of these features are hosted on a platform that meets our customers' security and data protection requirements.

the different functions
In order to achieve this objective, but also to continuously improve our offer - in particular through new functionalities: bulk payment, secure payment links, etc. - and to better meet our customers' expectations, we are developing our price plans.
With each version of Diool, we have made the application stronger, smarter and faster, with many new features and improved services. These different developments may lead us to optimise our pricing.

What are the old price plans?
These are all plans in force before the launch of the new tariff plans on 16 April 2023. This includes the following plans :

the old price plans

What are the new price plans?

New price plans

What's new in these plans ?
These new plans are better suited to the economic activity of companies, with features and functionality that will serve them most effectively at each stage of their growth.

Details of new plans
From now on, you will be in a better position to determine, depending on the evolution of your business, whether you should maintain your plan or evolve it to include new features that will serve your growth.
For example, as you grow, features such as multiple users, bulk payments or advanced features such as payment request may become necessary. This adds significant value if you are operating on a large scale. With the new plans it will be easier for you to switch to the most suitable plan

I only make deposits and withdrawals. Am I concerned ?
Users who mainly make deposits and withdrawals will be migrated to the new Cashpoint plan.

Cashpoints6. What changes for agents making deposits and withdrawals ?
You will be migrated to a new plan: Cashpoint

This plan will have no monthly subscription fee

You will be charged each time you add/withdraw funds (0 free additions/withdrawals)
The commission plan for mobile money services remains unchanged.

Why did you assign me this plan?
We have automatically migrated you to the new package that best matches your current package, usage patterns, user numbers and account behaviours.

If the suggested plan does not meet your needs, you can go to Settings > Plan to change your price plan.

If I am not happy with the price plan I have been allocated, can I move to another plan?
In Diool 4.2, we give you the ability to manage your subscription in your account dashboard. Go to Settings > Plan if you want to change your price plan.

When will these changes take place ?
From 16 March 2023 we will roll out the new tariff plans. They will, at that time, be available here

What if I already had a negotiated price on collecting payments ?
You will retain all your existing transaction fee arrangements until the end of your agreement. However, if you need to change your personalised plan, please contact us

And if I already had shops and users beyond the capabilities of the new plans ?
You will retain all shops and users already created within your account.

If you want to create additional users and shops, you can go to the next level.

What are the payment conditions ?
The billing cycle will start on the 1st of each month. The monthly subscription fee will be automatically charged to your account.

Updated on: 15/03/2023

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