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I want to change the document I signed up with.

If you realize a mistake on the document(s) inserted during your sign up and you wish to change it/them, you have the possibility to do.
During the Sign up process, you have several stages to go through and all you have to do is: simply go back to Step 4 ( upload copies of business documents) where you have the possibility to insert your business documents.
Under the required documents, click on the required document u wish to replace then do another click on the delete option in red on the right side of your screen and there you have the possibility to download the new and right document by making your choice among the 3 required documents.
Once you register the new document, you can move on with your Sign Up process by simply clicking on continue which then takes you to where u ended with the sign up.
Remember, you can get in direct contact with us for more assistance through the chat box ( small blue circle with the white envelope inside) available on the bottom right side of your screen.

Updated on: 26/02/2022

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