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Getting Started with the Diool API | Payment Endpoint

The general details about the Diool's RESTful API and the prerequisites to use or test this endpoint with Postman can be found on the introductory article: Getting Started with the Diool API | Introduction.

The payment endpoint executes a request for payment to a payer identified by a mobile money account number. The completed payment will be deposited into the requestor's Diool account.

The Request includes the payor's account identifier (a mobile money account number), the amount of the request, the code for the mobile money provider, and reference information identifying the payment.


Request Parameters: accountIdentifier (required), amount (required), providerIdentifier (required), referenceOrder (required).

Request parameters for payment endpoint

Sample Request

# Here is a curl example of a payment request
  curl -d '{ "accountIdentifier": "237xxxxxxxxx", "amount": "100",
  "providerIdentifier": "62401", "referenceOrder": "12236543874" }'
  -H "Authorization: Bearer [API-KEY]"
  -H "Content-Type: application/json"

Payment Endpoint - Sample Request

Sample Response - Prod

    "code": 0,
    "message": "Payment processed successfully",
    "developerMessage": "Payment processed successfully",
    "moreInfo": "",
    "resultType": "SUCCESS",
    "result": {
        "paymentId": 13704,
        "paymentRef": "FTJDUW6R",
        "responseCode": "OK",
        "responseMessage": "Operation Successful",
        "extPaymentRef": null,
        "extPaymentTimestamp": "2023-08-21T13:03:03.637Z",
        "senderAmount": null,
        "senderCurrency": null,
        "recipientAmount": null,
        "recipientCurrency": null,
        "timeStamp": "1692622983645",
        "uniqueReference": "FTJDUW6R",
        "userFees": 22.75,
        "additionalInfo": null

Note: All incoming payments are deposited in the requester's Diool account.

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Updated on: 23/08/2023

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