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How can I monitor my business through the Dashboard?

Thanks to the management interface, the Primary Owner can monitor the history of all transactions, fees and income, generated by you and your agents in real time. The Dashboard which welcomes you once you sign in to your Diool account gives you an overview of how your business is organised around key indicators used to manage your business.

Here's an illustration of how the Dashboard looks like as well as an explanation of its different features.

1- Balance: The balance amount in your Diool Account
2- Active Agents: The number of agents affiliated with your business entity
3- Revenue: Accrued revenue from external payments and transfers, fees, and commissions
4- Add New Shop: Create new shops within your business entity. How to Add Shops?
5- Deposit Account: Analytical data of your balance account over the last 7 days
6- Revenue Account: Analytical data of your revenue account over the last 7 days
7- Shops: Analytical data of your shops' performance over the last 7 days. How to Disable and Enable an Existing Shop?

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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