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How to make a bulk transfer

bulk payment
Win time! Pay several salaries and commissions at once in just a few clicks.

The new bulk paymen feature allows you to group multiple payments into one transaction, so you can pay several people simultaneously through Orange Money, MTN Momo, Express Union Mobile.
With the appropriate authorisations from your administrator, you can pay the salaries of your employees, commissions of your agents or invoices of your subcontractors.
Simply download our CSV template, fill it in with your beneficiaries' payment details, and upload it to Diool for approval if required and processing.

As administrator, you can define how you want bulk payments to be approved and by whom.

For example, you can select who you want to approve specific transactions.

Payment requests and bulk payments can be approved directly from your mobile application.

Paiement de masse

Updated on: 21/03/2023

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