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How can I receive money into my Diool Agent/Cashier Account ?

To collect or receive funds with either the Cashier or Agent account, kindly follow the different steps:
Step 1: Access your Diool account with your ID (email and password)
Step 2: Click on Terminal and then you choose the customer's payment method (Mobile money, Orange money YUP, ExpressUnion),
Step 3: Fill in the reference (reason for payment), then put the paying customer's telephone number ( for mobile money transaction) and the amount of the transaction. Then at the end, you validate on NEXT and CONFIRM in order to confirm the transaction. ( make sure to double check the phone number and amount with your paying customer before validating the transaction)
The paying customer receives notification from his operator to validate the transaction with his secret code. Once the customer validates, the amount is positioned directly into your Diool account.

Updated on: 10/02/2023

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