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How do I receive money through this platform?

If you want to receive or send funds from or to your suppliers/customers/partners with our Diool platform, you just need to create your account.

We have a user-friendly platform that allows you to create your Diool account.

Go to our website on the link , click on Pricing, choose Open an account and click on your chosen Pack (starter, pro, Business) then, you will be directed to the registration page and follow the procedure. Once your Diool account is activated, you can start collecting and transferring funds.

Once your Diool account is created, access the Diool platforms/Apps on your mobile/ computer/tablet with your identifiers used during the creation of the account.

For a Cashier/Member/Agent user, click on Terminal tab and then you choose the operator (MTN, ORANGE, Express Union and YUP).

After having validated on an operator, put the reference of the transaction (reason for the payment), enter the telephone number and the amount then you click on NEXT. To complete your transaction, click on CONFIRM.

Your paying customer will receive a message according to his/her operator to confirm the transaction with his/her mobile account secret code. Once he/she validates the payment, the amount is deposited instantly in your Diool account.

Updated on: 25/02/2022

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