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Diool Primary Owner and Agent profiles can set multiple payment methods to facilitate the Add and Withdraw funds functionalities. Multiple payment methods are available from bank to mobile money wallets.

IMPORTANT: Due to compliance and regulatory requirements, we would need to verify the account information when you add a bank account as payment method. See How to Verify my Bank Account?
Note: A Diool user can only add or withdraw funds from his account using the payment methods configured beforehand.

To set up a payment method:

1- Login to your Diool account and click on Settings

2- Click on Payment methods and then Add New Method

3- Click on Provider name to display the drop down list of payment methods.

For a mobile money wallet as payment method

Select the appropriate provider and input the mobile money account you want to use.

Click on Next.

For a bank account as payment method

Select the bank and input the relevant bank accounts details

Click on Next.

Note: To set as default payment method, click the ★ icon and select SET AS DEFAULT

How to Delete a Payment Method?

To delete a payment method, click on the Delete icon and then click on Delete Payment Method.

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