I have a Primary account and wish to receive money into that account from my clients when my Cashier is not around. How do I go about it?

In order for you to receive money in the absence of your Cashier, you have to go through the following steps; .
Step 1: Create a Member Account through your Primary owner interface. On your dashboard, select Settings then click on Team
Step 2: On the screen that appears click on the “Add new User” button on the right side of your screen
Step 3: Then add the user’s email address ( the one you wish to use in creating the account) and select your role( Member/Viewer/Owner, Agent, Cashier) within the organization, and click on “Send Invitation”
Step 4 : The Member(invitee) will get an email inviting them to your organization( Primary owner). Simply click on the link received by mail in order to accept the invitation.
Step 5: Enter your email and password to start your Member sign in process
Bonus Tip: You ( Primary owner )can also deactivate/suspend a user from the Teams section.**
To be noted: The Member account is integrated into the Primary account. Any money received in the Member account's Revenue, goes directly to the Primary Revenue****
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