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What is a payment request?

For your Clients

Remote payment: the customer does not need to be physically present on your premises to make a payment
Loyalty: by offering a more customer-friendly and customer-centric approach to payment collection, businesses will benefit from increased customer loyalty
Security: your customers can settle payment requests at their convenience in secure locations across the country.
Dans notre environnement économique, beaucoup d'entreprises se font encore payer par chèques. Or, les chèques présentent de nombreux inconvénients et ne sont absolument pas adaptés au paiement à distance.

On the other hand, many businesses need to accept payments remotely but for whom doing so online remains an obstacle course.

Diool allows businesses to send online payment requests directly from your account, with no set-up fees or programming. Your customer receives an email with the details of the payment request and can pay you at any of our locations across the country.

The benefits of a payment request

For You

More security: avoid the risk of bounced cheques and receive funds directly into your bank account using secure online payment technologies.

Prevent late payments: payments are verified and validated instantly to ensure you get paid. You are notified by email of each new payment. More efficient for you, easier for your customers.

More flexibility: get your customers to pay you in cash and by any mobile payment method anywhere in the country.

No complexity: instant set-up, without a single line of code. You can even copy and paste the payment request code directly into a text message or WhatsApp and send it to your customer.

How does it work?

In this section :

How to send a payment request ?
How to receive a payment request
I have received a payment request, how do I pay it from my Dioo account?
I sent a request for payment, and after ?

Updated on: 09/01/2023

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