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Why was the transaction not successful?

If you're not seeing any data for a recently performed transaction, you may be experiencing an issue related to the browser or device you are using, or the connection may have timed out during processing. As a first step, please click on LOGOUT and then log back in to the application to refresh your connection to our server.

If the transaction status shows "Error"

A transaction may fail due to several reasons. Sometimes, this could be due to slow internet connection or an interruption during the payment processing process. In other cases, this could also be due to human error (wrong password, incorrect number, non-existent account, etc)

However, in some rare cases during Cash Deposit operations, Diool may receive a delayed response from the operator on the final status of the transaction. This means a transaction which initially posts as "Error" may actually have been successful. In such cases, our team will perform a reconciliation to balance the account.

Whatever the cause, we understand how frustrating this can be when it results in misunderstandings and the loss of business.

What can I do about it?

To save you the time and effort of chargebacks and prevent loss of funds, we strongly recommend that for every Cash Deposit transaction which marks as "Error" you confirm with your client that they did not in fact received the funds.
If the status of the transaction is unclear, please Contact Diool Support as soon as possible. We will help you understand the status of the transaction and help clarify the issue.

See this article for what to do in situations where My Client was Debited but my Diool Account was not Credited

Updated on: 19/10/2022

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